Welcome to Imporia

IMPORIA is a facilitator to the glass, the chemical -and the plastics industry. We are the bridge between producers and industrial customers. Imporia is the exclusive commercial agent of five business partners on whose behalf we sell to our clients in Benelux and Continental Western Europe.

Imporia is Latin for Import. While it is debatable whether or not the Romans knew the concept of Import, it is a fact that all of our products have crossed a country border before reaching our customers. This is why we choose the name of Imporia! And … Imporia is easy to pronounce in all the languages that we speak with our business partners: Dutch, French, English, German and Italian.

We are small, flexible, and easy to work with. We focus on doing (also the basic) things right for our customers. No nonsense, we do what we say and we DO call you back!

Who we represent…:

» Unid Korea for Benelux, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland
» Traxys Luxemburg for Benelux
» Ecoplen Italy for Benelux, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia
» Ecodesign Italy for Benelux, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia
» Ecopol Italy for Benelux and Scandinavia

…And what we sell:

» Potassium Carbonate
» Soda Ash and Sodium Bicarbonate
» Cans and flacons made from recycled Polyethylene
» Regenerated Polyethylene resin, under the tradename RILENE
» Water-soluble film -and polymer under the tradename HYDROLENE

How can we help you?

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