Traxys is the key sales channel for Soda Ash and Sodium Bicarbonate of the Ciner group of Turkey. Ciner is the world’s biggest producer of mineral Soda Ash. Imporia is Traxys’ agent for Soda Ash and technical Sodium Bicarbonate in Benelux. Mineral SODA ASH:

  • Has very obvious benefits over synthetic Soda Ash which in Europe, is mostly produced via the Solvay process. This process requires raw materials, whereas the natural route is essentially the extraction and refining of the minerals that the earth has on offer. The natural process uses far less water, and produces much less waste and CO2 than the synthetic route. Hence, mineral soda is the obvious, more sustainable option for our customers.
  • Is used in the manufacturing of glass, detergents, silicates and other chemical process that require a source of Natrium.


  • Is used in flue gas treatment, detergents, and a range of other industrial applications.The product is available in bulk, big bags and bags.

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I created Imporia on January 2nd 2017, after more than 30 years of enjoyable work in a variety of international and commercial functions in the chemical industry. I spent 12 years with ICI where my focus was mostly on chloralkali products.

The last 18 years. (1998-2016), I was in charge of OCI Chemical Europe, the sales office of OCI Chemical Corp in North America. In this role I imported mineral Soda Ash from Wyoming and Potassium Carbonate from UNID Korea. In 2015, the Ciner Group from Turkey acquired the Soda Ash business of OCI Chemical Corp. Ciner’s sales route to North West Continental Europe was, and still is, Traxys. Hence, sometime after the acquisition of OCI, an exciting opportunity arose to set up an agency agreement with Traxys, so I created Imporia. Since then Imporia has evolved further with the addition of some new and diverse agencies.

Jan Lauwers

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